Proposed by: ark Arjun

Democratising Open (Geo)Data for Open Innovation and Solutioning

> “Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves” > \- Aaron Swartz , Open data is not a new thing, but what is so important about the Open (Geo)Data? Geo Data is the data which have a location component in it. Most of the real-life problems from simple navigation of A to B to those complex problems like managing a city or controlling a pandemic the location component act as a decision-making tool for the policy makers or the administrators or even the researchers. , **Talk outline** 1. What is GeoData 2. Why is GeoData important? 3. Open GeoData projects 4. How GeoData can be used for Solutioning complex problems. 5. Map Kerala Project to democratise GeoData , **For more reading:** 1. Open Data Kerala 2. Map Kerala 3. OpenStreetmap

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Talk duration: 10 min