Proposed by: ark Arjun

Democratising Open (Geo)Data for Open Innovation and Solutioning

“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves”
- Aaron Swartz

Open data is not a new thing, but what is so important about the Open (Geo)Data? Geo Data is the data which have a location component in it. Most of the real-life problems from simple navigation of A to B to those complex problems like managing a city or controlling a pandemic the location component act as a decision-making tool for the policy makers or the administrators or even the researchers.

Talk outline

  1. What is GeoData
  2. Why is GeoData important?
  3. Open GeoData projects
  4. How GeoData can be used for Solutioning complex problems.
  5. Map Kerala Project to democratise GeoData

For more reading:

  1. Open Data Kerala
  2. Map Kerala
  3. OpenStreetmap

Source code/Reference:

Talk duration: 10 min