Proposed by: Dinesh Bareja

Building a network security practice in your organization

The discussions and consultations around the recent directions from CERT-In revealed the current gap in securing business infrastructure against cyberattacks. This can be traced back to the knowledge and skills gap - a capacity problem. This is also a cultural problem - organizations need to develop a mindset in which they evaluate public facing infrastructure in terms of risks and then be planful towards mitigating the risks. Network security monitoring is one of the processes which a business can put in place to respond to cybersecurity breaches. Today there are rich and complete open source tools which can be configured and deployed to undertake continuous monitoring to reduce the response time to a threat. Secure, reliable and safe network infrastructure has a positive effect on the ecosystem and businesses would need to also build up a collective ownership approach to the topic. The panel will discuss the drivers for network security monitoring, cover a set of approaches which reflect the current state of the art and will use examples across industry sectors to demonstrate that network security monitoring is not just a niche issue. This proposed discussion will help the participants to quickly get started with security hygiene; provide an overview of the regulations and policy in the domain of cybersecurity and finally discuss the risks originating from poor security practices. , References: 1. 2. 3.

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Talk duration: 45 min