Proposed by: Moosa Mehar MP

Tinkerhub Movement : Community-led technology learning among youth in Kerala

A bunch of technology loving students came together to host the world's largest web maker party with Mozilla during 2014, the 2 day learning event 'Maker Party Kochi'.  The volunteers who contributed enable 4000+ people with the possibilities of learning and making technology eventually became a community called TinkerHub.

Last 7 years, the TinkerHub Foundation changed the way people of Kerala learning technology, promoting the cause of self learning and peer mentoring.

Today there are 75+ peer learning Campus communities inside Engineering and Arts Colleges across Kerala, redefining learning and making.

The story of TinkerHub is a case study of how community and collectives in Technology can bring a change to lives of thousands of technology aspirants to learn and to reach the places they dream of.

The community created 3916 projects collaboratively and shared in GitHub last year alone.


  1. TinkerHub Story
  2. Community lead learning model - Self Learning & Peer Mentoring
  3. How you too can make a difference in your local communities

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Talk duration: 20 min