IndiaFOSS 2.0 - Venue & Hotels

How to reach the venue and hotels near by


The venue is Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore -

Reaching the venue

Reaching from Airport

You can also take the airport bus to reach the venue.

Take a KIA-5 or KIA-14 bus from the airport to Shanthi Nagar bus stand. Once you get down at Shanthi Nagar, take an auto or ola/uber to Nimhans Convention Centre.

Reaching from Railway Station

Closest major railway station is KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Stop ID: SBC ). After reaching the railway station, you can either -

  1. follow the instructions below for buses because Majestic bus stop is right next to the railway station, and you get direct buses to Shanthi Nagar bus stand or Wilson garden.
  2. Or take the metro from Majestic metro station, riding the green line, to Lalbagh station and then follow the instructions below for the metro.
Using the Metro

The closest metro station is Lalbagh metro station on the green line. After reaching Lalbagh, you can take an auto/cab to Nimhans convention centre. It’s about 4km.

Using Bus

From anywhere in the city, you can use Google maps to find bus routes to -

  1. Shanthi Nagar bus stand and take auto from there, or
  2. Wilson garden bus stop and walk

There are direct buses to both places from Majestic bus station.

Hotels near the venue

  1. Hotel Empark (450m) - Rs 1500/night -
  2. The Porch Inn Hotel/Service Apartments - (450m) - Rs 2000/night -
  3. Temple Tree Hotel (1.1km) - Rs 3000/night -
  4. HOTEL SANMAN GARDENIA (2.0km) - Rs 3500/night -
  5. LANGFORD KEYS By TGI (2.8km) - Rs 2500/night -
  6. Hotel Pai Viceroy, Jayanagar - (2.9km) - Rs 3500/night -
  7. OYO Townhouse 180 Jayanagar (3.0km) - Rs 3500/night -
  8. Lilac Hotel (3.2km) - Rs 4000/night -
  9. Octave Studio Hotel (3.3km) - Rs 2500/night -
  10. BluPetal Hotel (4.0km) - Rs 6000/night -