IndiaFOSS Conf. 2.0

The 2nd edition of Free and Open Source Software conference by the FOSS United community.
23-24 July 2022 | NIMHANS, Bangalore

Go Deeper Into FOSS

IndiaFOSS is a community event. The goal is to bring software developers, policy makers, communities and enthusiasts together, so we can learn and inspire each other

Agenda for IndiaFOSS 2.0

  • FOSS Product Showcase
  • Deep Dive of Issues and Trends in Open Source
  • Interact with the larger FOSS Community in India
  • Sustaining FOSS
  • FOSS Policy

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About FOSS United Foundation

FOSS United is a non-profit foundation that aims at promoting and strengthening the Free and Open Source Software ecosystem in India.


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