ChennaiFOSS 2.0

ChennaiFOSS 2.0 is the 2nd edition of our flagship annual FOSS conference in Chennai to promote FOSS - Free and Open Source Software.
We are now sold out! See you at the conference

| Kosmo One, Ambattur, Chennai

ChennaiFOSS 2.0

ChennaiFOSS is a conference which aims to bring software developers, policy makers, communities and enthusiasts together, so we can learn and inspire each other.


  • FOSS (Software and Hardware) Product Showcase
  • Deep Dive in Issues and Trends in Open Source
  • Interact with the larger FOSS Community in India
  • Sustaining FOSS
  • FOSS Policy


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Community Partners

Come find our Project and Community Partners at the booths!

Conference Venue




Folks running the show behind the scenes.

Sameer Sharma
Full stack developer and Open source Enthusiast.
Freelance Web developer and Designer | Foss enthusiasts.
Hari Prasanth S
Founder @Mahathaan | FOSS Enthusiast.
Dhanush K
Software Eng Intern @Nvidia and Research Fellow @Cambridge University, U.K..
Software Engineer and Open source Enthusiast.
Vishal Arya
Program Director, FOSS United.
Harsh N Patel
Freelance Web Developer | FOSS United Volunteer.
Arun Kumar V
Senior Analyst / React Native @ Tiger Analytics | Augmented Reality Enthusiast.
Meghana Achary
ML Enthusiast | GDSC | Volunteer @ FOSS United.
HR professional. Self-host Enthusiast. Open-source contributor. Being Humanly possible. One PR at a time..
Justin Benito
Founder @ The Tanglish Press.
Karthick Gurumoorthy
Analytics Engineer | Vehicle Analyst @Tata Elxsi.
Abhishek Mishra
Open Source Advocate | FOSS enthusiat..
Ansh Arora
Community Manager @ FOSS United.
Nethra Hari
CSE student, Quantum computing enthusiast.
Immanuel Raj C
Lead @PixelExtended | Maintainer @PixelExperience & @ArrowOS | Cloud enthusiast | Developer & Programmer | FOSS Lover.

We are sold out!