Free and Open Source conference in Chennai

| World Trade Centre

About ChennaiFOSS

ChennaiFOSS is the Chennai edition of IndiaFOSS, that brings together open source enthusiasts from all over the city to learn, collaborate and share knowledge.


  • FOSS project showcase
  • FOSS startups
  • Open-data, Open-design and open-hardware
  • Issues and Trends in Open Source


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Community Partners

Meet our awesome community partners!


Folks running the show behind the scenes.

Freelance Web developer and Designer | Foss enthusiasts.
Product head | Front End Developer | FOSS enthusiast.
Navneeth K M
CS Engineer with specialisation in cybersec. Newbie dev currently focusing on web dev..
Vishal Arya
Program Director, FOSS United.
Vijayalakshmi K.
Member at VGLUG Foundation. Software Engineer in Saama technologies..
Software engineer and team lead at Tarides hacking on OCaml stuff..
Hari Prasanth S
Versatile data scientist and independent researcher with experience in Ui/UX, Web Dev, and Flutter..
HR professional. Self-host Enthusiast. Open-source contributor. Being Humanly possible. One PR at a time..
Abhishek Mishra
Open Source Advocate | FOSS enthusiat..
Immanuel Raj C
Lead @PixelExtended | Maintainer @PixelExperience & @ArrowOS | Cloud enthusiast | Developer & Programmer | FOSS Lover.
Riya Matthew
Community @ FOSS United.

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