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Digital Alchemy: Transforming Ideas into Circuits with CircuitVerse



CircuitVerse is an open-source educational tool for designing and visualizing digital logic circuit simulations in the cloud.

CircuitVerse is one of the open-source projects having 200k plus real users. Making it a huge platform for digital circuit simulation

Users including educators, students, electronic engineers, and hobbyists can play with digital circuit simulations from their browsers to explore different “what-if” scenarios.

Every computer, at its core, relies on the intricacies of circuitry, making digital logic design an essential concept. CircuitVerse equips us with the essential skills needed to understand the intricate foundations of modern technology.

Talk Covers:

  1. Digital Circuit Simulation using Circuitverse
  2.  Introduction to the simulator interface
  3.  What you can build in the simulator (circuits, subcircuits, timing diagrams)
  4.  Testing circuits with CircuitVerse testbench
  5. CircuitVerse for Educators
  6. Integrating CircuitVerse with LMS (Learning Management Systems)
  7. Learn Digital Logic Design with CircuitVerse interactive book
  8. Showcasing CircuitVerse Mobile App
  9. Showcasing what students, engineers, and educators have built on CircuitVerse

About the speaker

Pavan Sanjay Joshi

Aspiring Computer Engineer (B Tech) | Google Summer of Code'2021 at CircuitVerse | Google Summer of Code'2022 Mentor @CircuitVerse | Core team member @CircuitVerse | Summer of Bitcoin'2022 @Alby | Software Engineer @Alby (remote) | open source enthusiast | Summer of Bitcoin'2023 @Alby | Founder DroidCity

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