FOSS in undergraduate education



Can we unlock the potential of 8 Lakh undergraduate CS students who join programs in India every year? What if we could integrate FOSS contributions deep into every semester of the program?

Let us talk about what such a program could look like, and what we can do as a community to unleash and use all this trapped potential energy at scale.

(Protip: We've already launched this :) )

About the speaker

Anil Gulecha

I'm currently the co-founder and CTO at Kalvium, a 4 year undergraduate program in computer science.

AG Anil Gulecha
8 months ago

A further addition to this submission, the talk will cover: * How can we integrate and give UG credits for concerted work into FOSS software. * How can the same be given such students uplifted outcomes (career and personal). * Building a system to light the spark of CS - how do you engage students to love computer science, and how that can lead to FOSS contributions.

Broadly, there's an opportunity to utilize latent potential energy in students to contribute back the commons. This talk invites attendees to share their ideas and be a part of this journey.

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