C4GT - An initiative to contribute code for social impact



Gaps were identified in the govtech and DPG space. The projects though primarily open source did not focus on the community building angle. We decided to fix this by launching the C4GT - Code for GovTech initiative. We ran the mentorship program in 2022 & 2023. We have a bunch of learnings from both our mentorship programs which we would love to share with the community. In-line with the learnings we are now working on a continuous building program as well as the 2024 edition of the dedicated mentorship program. We are helping DPGs and DPIs become community friendly & community driven. We want to share with the community our plans, our tools & leave everyone interested with immediate action items be it for contributors to get started, get involved via chapters or for orgs to build a community for their projects.

About the speaker

Karan Trehan

Hello there! I am Karan. I have been building softwares since 2012 and have a deep interest in mobile; having designed, architected, tested and maintained innumerable mobile app projects. I have also closely worked with server teams to help them build backend systems and develop APIs. Currently I work as an Engineering manager at Samagra, transforming Indian governance through technology. Focussed on people management, mentoring, hiring, prioritizing tasks, clarifying requirements, writing documentation, resolving blockers, coordinating with design, business, product, QA and backend to build features with high impact on the Indian populace. Nowadays I also try to give back, as much as possible, to the amazing tech community through conferences, meetups, open-source contributions, talks and mentorships.

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