FOSS project showcase

FOSS Communities: What’s new in Discourse?



I think this would be very useful to existing and new prospective open source communities:

Intro to Discourse

Discourse x FOSSUnited (show off instances like Frappe, Zerodha, IFF, FOSSUnited and others in the room)

Whats new in Discourse? (Demo each)

  1. Discourse Chat
  2. Sidebar
  3. AI features
  4. more

What does that mean for the future of your communities?

Pros and cons of self-hosting and official hosting

Our new release cadence (2 major updates a year)

Sneak peek of what’s coming in Discourse 3.2


About the speaker

Rishabh Nambiar

Product Manager at Discourse, with a background in open source software development and sales.

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