Bridging the gap: Teaching FOSS on YouTube



I would like to share my journey and insights of teaching FOSS (evangelising Frappe Framework + Apps in this case) through build in public way!

The project or tool itself is just one part of the equation, the other important part is educating and empowering the users/community of that project on getting started and making the most out of that FOSS project.

I would like to share how and why #BuildWithHussain YouTube series started, how it has created an impact on the community (and brought new users), and how other FOSS projects can make the most of what I call "evangelising through educating" on YouTube.

Some key points:

  1. Getting Started (the hardest part!)
  2. Being "raw" and covering practical scenarios
  3. Getting stuff done LIVE
  4. Connecting with and building an audience
  5. Personal brand >> Business brand
  6. BONUS: How this is one of the most effective (and free marketing!) for FOSS Projects!

I would also like to invite other FOSS projects to feature on #BuildWithHussain to showcase their projects and #buildinpublic! Finally, I will discuss how to go beyond YouTube livestreams and building a platform.

About the speaker

Md Hussain Nagaria

I am the host of #BuildWithHussain series on YouTube, a Product Evangelist at Frappe, and a Volunteer at FOSS United.

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