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Using WebTorrent trackers for purposes other than torrents



WebTorrent is a project in existence since 2015 that brought torrents to the web browser. Using WebTorrent, torrents can be streamed/downloaded directly from the web browser without any software being installed on the system. This is made possible by WebRTC that helps in peer to peer communication between browser clients.

This talk will be about a library I made in a hackathon that utilizes WebTorrent trackers for making P2P apps thereby using WebTorrent trackers for purposes other than torrents. More about this library is explained in the README here:

Planning to include these in my talk:

  1. A brief history of WebTorrent, how Torrent and WebTorrent works
  2. The necessity that made me create p2pt
  3. Apps built with p2pt:
  4. A quick demo of building a P2P app with p2pt

About the speaker

Subin Siby


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