Illustrations for the Sub-continent



Finding the perfect illustration is hard because of licensing fees, copyrights and restrictions, and limited customisation. The fact that they're often unaffordable for solo designers and small studios, and that they often don't represent the diversity of India and South Asia, adds to the gatekeeping. To tackle this, we at Obvious designed an extensive open-source library of illustrations depicting characters, environments and elements that represent India. We consciously kept it free and open source, to make sure everyone has access to high-quality, diversity-friendly illustrations. In this talk, we'll dive into the origin story of Subcontinental, and why it was important for us to license it under Creative Commons and make it available to anyone who needs it, for free.

About the speaker

Tejasvi Soi

Tejasvi Soi is a product designer at Obvious. He's deeply interested in creating digital experiences that delight users, meet business objectives, and keep people coming back. Outside of work, he enjoys building vintage scale models and honing his barista skills.

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