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OpenRefine - a open source tool for working with data and contributing to Open Data platforms



OpenRefine, a free and open source Java based data wrangling tool, that has gained significant traction for its ability to work on messy data; clean, transform, and standardize data. Large datasets can be cleaned and transformed into other applications with just a few clicks using OpenRefine and thus significantly reducing the time needed for data preparation and cleaning.

OpenRefine is a game-changer for Wikimedia projects, that can be used to clean tabular data and connect it with knowledge bases. OpenRefine's built-in reconciliation capabilities make it a versatile tool to reconcile tabular data to a wide range of databases, including Wikidata.

In this talk I will demonstrate my experience with using the OpenRefine and it's capabilities for data enhancement and for contributing to different projects like Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, OpenDataKerala initiatives.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how OpenRefine can be used for various purposes.

About the speaker

Jinoy Tom Jacob

Jinoy is an open data enthusiast who curates data and contributes to open data platforms. He is a Wikimedian who contributes to Wikidata, Commons and other Wikimedia projects. He hails from Thrissur, Kerala and currently working as a Electrical Design Engineer

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