Fostering Diversity in Open Source Communities: Introducing a Code of Conduct



In this talk we'll go over -

  1. What is a Code of Conduct? The introductory section will provide an understanding of the purpose and function of a Code of Conduct within a community.
  2. Why it is crucial to agree upon and establish a set of guidelines that define acceptable behaviour and responsibilities for community members.
  3. Highlight the statistics and challenges related to gender, ethnicity, and other underrepresented groups. It's not just about the code; people matter equally.
  4. Share the story of a well established community's journey towards introducing a Code of Conduct.
  5. Draw upon our experience and delve into our motivations, challenges, and the iterative process that was followed, illustrating the need for community involvement and feedback throughout the Code of Conduct implementation.
  6. Address some of the common points of contention surrounding Code of Conducts, such as, concerns about explicitly listing protected classes, the perception that everything is running smoothly without a Code of Conduct, and the misconception that a Code of Conduct is only about diversity. Th talk will provide insights and practical solutions to these issues, emphasizing the importance of open dialogue and compromise.
  7. How a Code of Conduct can serve as a tool to promote diversity and address serious issues, such as harassment.

About the speaker

Sudha Parimala

Sudha is a software engineer and team lead at Tarides. She is an advocate for functional programming, firmly believing in its elegant approach to problem-solving. Beyond the realm of code, she champions diversity in tech and the principles of open source.

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