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Chatwoot gained popularity when it was launched on HN about 4 years ago. In the months to come, the team applied for Y Combinator, and since then, has been growing the product and the company together. Today it has over 16K stars, 6000+ active self-hosted installations.

This talk will have a quick rundown of what we have shipped so-far, what is coming in the future. Where is the market leading us, and where do we want to take the product? And the engineering challenges we faced on the way.


Note for organizers

I'll try to present it in the form of a story to keep it engaging, the crux of the talk will still be the product and the code.

About the speaker

Shivam Mishra

I am a full-stack engineering, working at Chatwoot. Most of my days goes around features and bugs in Chatwoot and some other open-source libraries I maintain. When not writing code, I am usually found on the road, travelling to new locations

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