Accessibility for immersive experience: a beginners workshop

Proposed by Shrilakshmi Shastry
No. of presenters: 15-20


Day 1
Room 1
11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Brief Description

title: Accessibility for inclusive experience

In this workshop, I aim to address a personal challenge I face, which involves difficulties in reading and noticing important messages conveyed through texts. There are instances when I unintentionally miss out on crucial information. By educating one who builds it I can address issues!!

Accessibility is a vast field it starts from visual, Motor, auditory, seizures, cognitive and intellectual. From the perspective of developers, its color, font size, accessing buttons, label, readability of content, which image is decorative or informative, which card is focused which shouldn't be.

In this workshop, I will be focusing on assistive technology and keyboard mainly. So in place of fixing accessibility, you can refer to it as assistive technology and keyboard accessibility fixing

The main focus of the workshop:

  1. Understand the importance of HTML5 tags with respect to accessibility
  2. will go through HTML5 semantic tags doc
  3. By building equivalent one or two custom components of semantic tag and adding suitable keyboard and aria-label will try to understand what needs to be taken care of in case of building custom components
  4. We will figure out what is missing in the accessibility aspect using the below tools
  5. accessibility tree
  6. axe devtool
  7. using voice-over and testing manually
  8. Intro to Aria with hands-on
  9. Will go through the definition of ARIA
  10. proper use-case
  11. hands-on ARIA by building a simple example
  12. will experiment with the wrong ARIA
  13. keyboard accessibility hands-on
  14. Understand the difference between accessible tags and non-accessible eg: img and button
  15. play around tabIndex
  16. Building accessible basic components like button, alert,  list etc

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