Project Showcase

Plio - An open source tool for anyone to create interactive videos, share them and analyse the data.

Proposed by Deepansh Mathur
No. of presenters: None

Brief Description

I'll be showing a web based tool called Plio. On the platform, any person or an organization can sign up instantly and start creating interactive videos.

The showcase will be the rundown of the whole process -- creation of a plio, adding questions along the video, sharing it via a generated link and then analysing the data. The people visiting the showcase will get to do all these steps on their own.

The github of Plio also has detailed instructions on how to set it up locally on your own system. If someone requires, the showcase will also include the breakdown of our infra and basic local setup.

Plio is entirely built by using open source libraries and packages. It is a good example of how a whole application including frontend, backend, db, unit and E2E testing, CI / CD and other parts can be built by using open source projects.

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