Experience Labs (Live showcase of usage of FOSS tools)


Proposed by Pranshu Srivastava
No. of presenters: 2

Brief Description

  1. This session will be aimed at showcasing our FOSS project Keploy.
  2. Gone are the days when people need to worry about writing mocks and tests for their projects, we at Keploy, do it with just API calls.
  3. Writing tests and mocks has been the pain point of many developers all over the world and we are here to make their lives easier by automating tests and mock creation, and making the experience hassle free.
  4. Attendees will get a full overview of what our project is about and how it can be used to seamlessly ease the life of the developers.
  5. We will then demo our project to give people a practical overview of whatever we have talked about so far.
  6. We will then take questions from the people about the demo and also allow them to try out the project for themselves.
  7. We will wrap it up by providing them relevant guidance on how this project was built, what all technologies had been used, how to learn them, and also, if they want to, how they can contribute to the project.

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