Experience Labs (Live showcase of usage of FOSS tools)


Proposed by Liyas Thomas
No. of presenters: 2

Brief Description

Idea for Experience Lab:-

Booth Setup:

At our booth, we'll have two laptops set up:

  1. Laptop 1: Running a Product teaser video.
  2. Laptop 2: Featuring a live desktop app running Hoppscotch, open for audience interaction.

Audience Interaction:

  1. When attendees approach our booth and express interest in Hoppscotch, we will provide them with a brief but informative overview of the features Hoppscotch offers.
  2. We'll also provide a bunch of API endpoints for participants to try out how Hoppscotch works.
  3. https://echo.hoppscotch.io
  4. https://pokeapi.co/api/v2
  5. https://echo.hoppscotch.io/graphql

Topics Covered:

  1. Overview of Hoppscotch: We'll start by introducing Hoppscotch, explaining its purpose and significance in simplifying API development and testing.
  2. Support for REST, GraphQL, and Real-time Protocols: Attendees will learn about Hoppscotch's versatility, showcasing its ability to handle various API types, including REST, GraphQL, and real-time protocols.
  3. Team Collaboration: We'll highlight how Hoppscotch facilitates teamwork by allowing multiple users to collaborate efficiently within the same platform.
  4. Cookie Support: Attendees will discover how Hoppscotch handles cookies, which was not supported in the browser version.
  5. A quick overview of Built-in interceptors, Spotlight search, and context menus.
  6. Testing Collections and Environments via Hoppscotch CLI Mode: We'll demonstrate the power of Hoppscotch's Command Line Interface (CLI) for efficiently testing collections and environments. This can streamline API testing and automation.
  7. Overview of Self-Host Community and Enterprise Editions: We will explain the concept of self-hosting Hoppscotch, including both the Self-Hosted Community (SHC) and Self-Hosted Enterprise (SHE) editions, highlighting the benefits and use cases for each.

Game Setup (If allowed):

  1. Game name: “Hopp and Seek
  2. Bingo Cards: These cards will be a 5x5 grid where instead of traditional numbers, we’ll fill the squares with Hoppscotch and API-related terms.
  3. Question Cards: We’ll prepare a set of API and Hoppscotch-related question cards. The answers to these questions on each card will be hidden in one square of the Bingo card.
  4. Any participant who marks the right answers on a bingo card to 5 questions from question cards within 1:30 minutes wins exclusive Hoppscotch merch.

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