Join IndiaFOSS 3.0 as a Volunteer [Phase 2]

Call For Volunteers is Closed

"Behind every extraordinary event, there is a dedicated workforce."

We are now ready to open call for the volunteers required for phase 2. The following categories are specific to arranging the logistics for IndiaFOSS 3.0. It would extend throughout October until the conference day, aiming to provide our attendees with the most fulfilling experience possible.


  • All volunteers are expected to have commitment to the vision of IndiaFOSS as a Free and Open Source Conference.

  • Try to put in 3-4 hours a week

  • Be consistent with the deliverables expected.

  • Your work here makes a difference - here's to creating an unforgettable IndiaFOSS 3.0 together 🎉

🚀 Work Groups - Set II

Note: The required count of volunteers we require in each work group are also mentioned.

1. Speaker Management (2)

  • Maintain back-to-back communication with selected speakers
  • Resolve queries via emails

2. Participant Management (2)

  • Manage and resolve participant queries

3. Parallel Sessions’ Management (2)

  • Curate and manage parallel sessions for the conference like workshops or experience labs.

  • Maintain communication with the session heads and navigate necessary arrangements for them

4.Venue Management (3, local to Bengaluru)

  • Find vendors and coordinate to arrange materials like AV, tables, chairs and other essential goods.

5. Space Management (1)

  • Curation and management of activities happening at the open spaces.

6. Food and Catering (2, local to Bengaluru)

  • Find vendors and coordinate to arrange food and catering needs:
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

7. Travel Desk (2, local to Bengaluru)

  • Curate the list of travel modes to the venue, and accommodation spaces near to the venue, for publishing.

  • Handle queries and perform coordination for attendees.

8. Hosts/Emcees (4 - Male:2, Female: 2)

  • Hosting the talk sessions happening parallelly in 2 audis.

9. Mobile Logistics Coordinators (2, local to Bengaluru)

  • For run-around for general logistics like transportation of essentials etc.,

  • Provision for rental two-wheeler shall be arranged.

10. Production Volunteers (2)

  • Find vendors and coordinate to arrange:
    1. livestream for the event.
    2. Recording of talks
    3. Photography and videography

11. Managing Ad-hocs jobs (2)

  • Managing miscellaneous requirements.

12. Volunteer Manager (1)

  • POC to manage and coordinate between volunteers of all workgroups.