Proposed by: Kathirvalavan

Ruby api design with common sense :)

  1. Main agenda here to educate about fundamental key engines such as abstractions and encapsulation in software programming.
  2. I am thinking of Designing bookstore system with actors such as Customers, Owner, author, reviewers. Here I will be explaining my own experience of how I would have solved as junior, senior, expert engineer. This will help audience to retrospect themselves over past mistakes and help them build better systems in coming days
  3. I would be doing 4 to 5 iteration of my first amatauer program to reflect each level of audience junior, senior, expert to end up with expert version of the same
  4. I would be giving them real world examples on how encapsulation, abstraction are the keys secret to play any programming and build scalable system while doing my iterations on above mentioned program.
  5. This talk will be having real code examples in the slides and very less slides with block diagram :)
  6. Since this has real code playing in every slides, I will be engaging with audience every dime, and not going to do it in typical monologue fashion
  7. Positives outcomes would be to create discussions among audience on how to approach building system with first core principles with originality and not just manoeuvreing over pre defined templates such as design patterns, MVC other defacto things etc
  8. Request to extend 5 more minutes if required :)

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