Proposed by: Arya Kiran

Geosteered Load Balancing on a budget

When I decided to try out load balancing my different VPSes on a budget as a fun experiment, I had no coordination between the VPSes, and just services running on different servers, but as time went on, I managed to make it into a manageable network of linked servers, all without spending a penny extra.

In this talk, I would like to go over my experience with this, and a quick run-through on how to, with a bit of the normal jugaad :), load balance and maintain multiple services in sync between multiple geo-steered nodes.

The talk will mainly cover 5 things:

  1. Why would you want/need load balancing without being some big tech company
  2. How ansible lets me keep all the servers with the same configuration
  3. The security aspect, and tailscale
  4. The different ways of doing load balancing (DNS, HTTP etc.) and their flaws/advantages
  5. The eminent problem of database management whilst load balancing and the GDPR

This is mostly based on my experience managing Project Segfault, a host of many Free Software Privacy Frontends for popular non-free web services like Youtube, StackOverflow and Reddit.

Source code/Reference:

Talk duration: