Unlocking the Power of Data: The Importance of Data Literacy in the Digital Age

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Data literacy is the ability to understand, analyze, and interpret data. It is an essential skill for individuals and organizations in the digital age. Data can be used to make informed decisions, identify patterns and trends, improve communication and collaboration, and enhance innovation and creativity.

In this talk, we will explore why data literacy is critical for success in the digital era and provide practical tips on how individuals and organizations can improve their data literacy skills. We will also discuss how FOSS can be used to improve data literacy and address social development challenges.

Talk Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why is Data Literacy Important?
  3. Challenges to Achieving Data Literacy
  4. How to Improve Data Literacy
  5. FOSS for Data Literacy
  6. Case Studies
  7. Conclusion

I believe that it is great fit for the FOSS INDIA Conference 2023, especially in the area of FOSS for social development again I fully respect the committee judgement on my proposal!

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