Stories From TinkerSpace : On building community hacker spaces

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TinkerSpace is first of its kind hackerspace, setted up in Kochi , kerala where civil society and technologists comes together to co create solutions.

With 6 months into operation, TinkerSpace started to have the national visibility as a collaborative learning space for tech enthusiasts.

The talk will be on reasonings on why public infrastructures should exists for the communities, How did we do that and the promises and challenges of setting up physical community spaces.

The talk is intended to start the conversations on the needs of such community spaces across India, how the FOSS community members can make use / contribute to existing TinkerSpace in kochi etc.

The project setting up is fully funded by FOSS united and the running is co-funded by community.

From Open NyAI residency where change makers in justice and AI researches came together to build solutions together as an example of what is possible with tech community with a physical space

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