More ways to have fun with Libre Software on GNU/Linux!

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Why are we not having as much fun as we possibly could with Libre Software? Why do we get so distracted by "matters of consequence" that we forget to have sufficient fun?


In this talk, I would like to offer my suggestions on some fun things that we can do today:

  1. Building a guitar effects processor
  2. Building a drum machine
  3. Synthesizing and mixing music
  4. Using machine learning for better guitar effects
  5. Building and interfacing custom hardware for "pro audio" and effects processing

Some other aspects that this talk tries to address:

  1. Why is it important to have fun with libre software? Conversely, if software and computers are a way for us to have "fun", then can we consider libre software on gnu/linux as a means?

  1. Where would we be if everyone only wanted to do "important" things and no one wanted to write or use free software or a free operating system for fun?

  1. Participating in and building communities based on our "non-work" interests and passions

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