ReVoman (Rev-Woman) | is an API automation tool for JVM (Java/Kotlin)

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- The majority of JVM SaaS applications today are REST-based. But the API automation (like Integration Tests) is done with lots and lots of code.

- This automation competes on cognitive complexity and learning curve with the Prod code, and mostly, automation wins.

- We have tools like Postman for API automation, but they don't live with the code and need altogether a different skill set to write and maintain.

- How _productive_ would it be if we could write our API automation using Java/Kotlin, that executes the Postman collection that you anyway would have created for your manual testing?

- *ReVoman* is an *Open-source* API automation tool for JVM (Java/Kotlin) from the API-first SaaS company Salesforce. It lets you execute a Postman collection in a JVM program/test.

- A Traditional Integration test when migrated to use ReVoman has **89% low-code**, more transparent and has low Cognitively complexity

- Postman collection live with the code and can be maintained on any VCS like Git. Because collections are hooked to automation, they always stay up-to-date.

Gopal S Akshintala
4 months ago

Unable to edit so posting edits in the comments: Title: ReVoman (Rev-Woman) | a template-driven API automation tool for JVM (Java/Kotlin) Repo with Documentation:

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