Open-Source Roadmap for Gaming and Game Development

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Gaming is a fun hobby for many of us and I think we all discuss some aspects of development of games in some way or another, but few of us have a full picture of how open-source code affects modern gaming and game development.

This is to discuss some topics related to open-source tools for gaming and development of games, some background on game development and gaming requirements. And lastly provide a roadmap for people who would love to contribute code, get involved with documentation or just follow the development of an open-source ecosystem for games development, because not all heroes write code, some work on documentation or just blogs and articles. :)

And possible to also wanna provide quick introduction, history and current state update of both popular and underrated open source projects that help support the dream of open-source gaming. Such as ANGLE, Mesa, DxVK, id Tech(which has sadly gone proprietary since v5) Godot, Blender, older open projects like XNA(now FNA & Monogame), and quite a few more. :P

This is in part a follow up from my old talk(now outdated) at MiniDebConf India from 2021, a necessary update and a more complete overview about the state of open-source in one of the most fascinating domains of the software development ecosystem.

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