Need for FOSS in Digital Rights Movements

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SFLC India is a digital rights organisation that has been a staunch follower and supporter of the open source movement in India. We primarily use open source tools and resources in our practice. Our internet shutdowns tracker ( is one such open source resource which tracks internet shutdowns in real-time.

Open source tools and resources are crucial in digital rights movements. In this talk we will be talking about how open source tools help secure individuals' right to privacy, and how they are especially relevant for specific sections of the population such as marginalised communities, journalists, and other members of society whose security is subject to threats and breaches on a frequent basis. We will also be delving into legal and policy interventions in the FOSS movement with the goal of securing digital rights, including our participation through litigation and digital security workshops, with the goal of establishing the importance of adopting and implementing such resources for securing our rights on a ground level.

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