Open Source & Data Privacy

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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the intersection of Open-Source software and privacy is a critical and complex challenge, and it brings with it a host of legal and security risks that demand our attention. In this talk, I will explore the multifaceted aspects of "Open Source and Data Privacy," encompassing key themes as outlined below:

1. Legal and Security Risk in Open-Source:

I will begin by examining the inherent legal and security risks associated with open-source software. Uncovering vulnerabilities and the potential for data breaches, I'll highlight the importance of proactive risk management and compliance with evolving regulations.

2. Data Protection and Privacy in Open-Source:

Data protection and privacy are paramount concerns in the digital age. This segment of the talk will delve into how open source can either bolster or undermine these principles.

3. India's New Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023:

As India introduces its Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023, it significantly impacts how businesses and developers handle data. I will dissect this new legislation, discussing its implications and providing guidance on compliance.

4. Equifax and Heartbleed Case Study:

A compelling way to underscore the importance of robust security measures is through real-world examples. We will analyze the Equifax and Heartbleed incidents, extracting valuable lessons from these high-profile security breaches.

5. Best Practices for Open-Source Security and Compliance:

However, this talk goes beyond mere analysis; it offers a comprehensive roadmap to address these challenges effectively. To conclude, I’ll explain the best practices to mitigate the above-mentioned risks. These strategies will empower attendees to fortify their open-source projects against vulnerabilities and legal complications.

After this talk, attendees will gain comprehensive insights into the intricate balance between open source and data privacy, learn how to safeguard their digital assets and business, ensure compliance with India’s new Data Protection law, and contribute to a more secure and resilient open-source ecosystem.

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