Plane: Project management tool from the future

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Plane is a simple, extensible, open source project and product management tool powered by AI. It allows users to start with a basic task tracking tool and gradually adopt various project management frameworks like Agile, Waterfall, and many more.

Features and Product

Covering basic features from project management tool, we are trying to build plane in a way to be extensible that it fosters productivity and growth. This growth is of the product, the company and then contributing to revolutionise the industry. Covering some features of Plane.

Tech Stack

Plane is built using a carefully selected tech stack, comprising Next.js for the frontend and Django for the backend. We utilise PostgreSQL as our primary database and Redis to manage background tasks. Additionally, our architecture includes two micro-services, Gateway and Pilot. Gateway serves as a proxy server to our database, preventing the overloading of our primary server, while Pilot provides the interface for building integrations.

Why Open-source?

Why open-sourcing Plane is one of the best decisions we have made? How it allows us to work towards our mission more effectively, fostering a collaborative environment for developing the best possible tracking and traceability solutions.

Conclusion and some behind the scenes

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