How Avni empowered grassroots organisations and community workers

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ChatGPT, Bard, Google VR and what not! When all these have made our already comfortable lives more comfortable, many NGOs still find themselves entrenched in mountains of paperwork while striving to combat malnutrition and meet the basic needs of the underprivileged. These NGOs often operate on limited resources, making the prospect of digitizing their operations difficult. Recognizing this challenge, the founders of our organization, also an NGO, embarked on a groundbreaking initiative: the creation of an open-source, versatile, and customizable software product that would benefit multiple NGOs simultaneously thereby requiring less resources to sustain it.

This product, Avni not only makes their data management work more efficient, but also helps them take crucial decisions faster, helps in persuading behavioural change among their beneficiaries, and many more. And thats not all! The product is designed to work across sectors from health to sanitation.

With a more powerful product built, comes greater responsibility. So, we do have big plans for the upcoming years. But we being a small team with not more than 12 members working for around 6 years have so far impacted the lives of 1.3M beneficiaries. And that's less than 2% of Indian population that is below poverty line according to 2019's PPPs International Comparison Program. So that's not enough for us. We have bigger dreams, greater milestones and longer way ahead to make larger impact! To achieve these goals, we believe collaboration and support from the wider community are crucial.

We hope that this conference will offer us a platform to extend our reach and accelerate our progress towards achieving our ambitious milestones.

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