Autoinstrumented Observability (O11y) with Odigos

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Odigos is an open-source project that simplifies observability (O11y) for Kubernetes (K8s) clusters by providing a one-click auto-instrumentation solution for monitoring cluster pods. It works by automatically instrumenting pods across a range of programming languages, collecting data, and sending metrics, traces, and logs to various destinations ranging from open source platforms like Prometheus, or Jaeger, or proprietary tools like DataDog or New Relic.

Odigos leverages mature open source projects like eBPF and OpenTelemetry, and comes with preconfigured default settings that enable you to start monitoring your K8s clusters with just a few clicks, without needing to mess around with configs and pod annotations. In this talk, we'll explore how Odigos streamlines the o11y for any k8s cluster.

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