Serverless Simplified: Deploying Appwrite Functions with GitHub

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Appwrite is an open-source end-to-end backend server for Web, Mobile, Native, or Backend apps packaged as a set of Docker microservices. Appwrite abstracts the complexity and repetitiveness required to build a modern backend API from scratch and allows you to build secure apps faster.

Appwrite Functions allow you to write and deploy serverless functions without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. In this talk, I'll demonstrate how you can:

  1. Templates: Use pre-built templates to get started with functions or integrate more complex workflows in your existing code like pdf-generator, prompt ChatGPT, etc
  2. GitHub Deployments: Link your function to GitHub repository, automatically detect the framework and enable automatic deployments on every push or pull request event
  3. Custom domains: Add custom domains to Appwrite functions to use them like typical REST endpoints to handle webhooks, custom integrations, or even serve HTML content
  4. Global Function Variables and Build Commands: Set local and global function variables and configure build and install commands
  5. Log Streaming: View detailed live build logs for updates on longer builds or to easily debug your code

I'll be showcasing a product tour with a breakdown of these features while also discussing an overview of technical architecture and implementation, code walkthrough and how you can use these on console, CLI or SDKs.

No prior experience with Appwrite Functions is required.

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