Decreasing Developer Friction For Large Open-Source Projects

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Getting started with a project is one of the biggest challenges for anyone beginning their open-source contribution journey. If the setup, documentation, or contribution processes are onerous to navigate, the project will lose any potential contributors, especially with projects carrying a larger footprint. However, many large projects, such as Appwrite, Hoppscotch, Novu, etc., have made exemplary efforts that this challenge, while difficult, is not unsolvable. Therefore, join this session to learn how to decrease developer friction in your project and accelerate contributor onboarding!

Here are the primary takeaways from this session:

  1. Understand the potential pitfalls of not decreasing friction to start contributing to a project
  2. Discover points of failure that project maintainers must cover to enable developer onboarding
  3. Gain insights into how projects like Appwrite have solved such problems and built large-scale contributor communities

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