Defending Your Network with Infection Monkey

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What To Expect

Learn how to boost your network's security with Infection Monkey, an open-source adversary emulation platform. Infection Monkey equips security teams with the ability to design a computer worm (a type of malware) that can be run safely in production environments for validating existing security solutions. It boasts of a number of configurable features - RCE exploitation, credentials stealing, ransomware, cryptojacking, and polymorphism, to name a few.

After understanding how you can use Infection Monkey to protect your organization, we'll segue into another topic - the true essence of open-source, in code - by diving deeper into Infection Monkey's development journey and how it came to embrace the spirit of open-source as opposed to merely following the letter of open-source.

What You'll Learn

This talk will educate the audience about an open-source breach-and-attack simulation tool, Infection Monkey, which security practitioners can use to augment their network's security posture. After an introduction of the tool, we'll discuss how it is better than alternative methods for network security testing, how you can customize it to your own network's structure, and how you can use its findings to defend your network. This will be followed by a live demo of Infection Monkey (or a video of it running on a network, if a live demo isn't possible).

The latter part of the talk will focus on the spirit of open-source, but in a technical way. The audience will discern the difference between a project being open-source on paper and a project imbibing the essence of open-source.

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