Presenting 'DropPoint' - A Quirky Utility to Make Drag 'n' Drop easier

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DropPoint is a cross-platform, electron-based, desktop utility app which helps you drag and drop files without having to open side-by-side windows. DropPoint holds your files in a part of your screen so that you may freely navigate and drag it out on convenience.

In this, talk I would like to highlight the journey of how the idea of DropPoint was born, and my guiding principles towards choosing an Open Source approach to its implementation.

I would also like to showcase the project and potentially gain some community contributors to it as, so far I have been running it pretty solo, except for a few contributions for CI/CD from close friends. I am also opening the project up for Hacktoberfest, as I do every year.

I would also like to mark the achievement of crossing the 500+ stars milestone in GitHub, in the occassion.

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