Developers and Open Source - A Perfect Marriage

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What happens in a "Perfect" Marriage? Two people and their families get together forever with love, care, passion, well-being, and more. More? Yes, the more is about managing expectations, managing time, extending the family, and taking care of some rough patches(at times!).

I am not a Marriage expert, I am a developer first and then an Educator and OSS contributor/maintainer. However, I find some uncanny similarities between Marriages and Developers in Open Source! 

Developers are doing open source full-time already. However, many more may love doing it along with their 9-5 job if they know the "how" part well - how to get started, how to build the love for it, get hungry for learning, and how to extend skills. They must also manage time, plan for it, and handle disappointments when things are not going right.

Are you finding the similarities with a "perfect" marriage already? That's what the talk is also about. 

It will cover:

  1. Developers and Open Source
  2. Why is it needed
  3. Possibilities
  4. Benefits
  5. How to start
  6. How to Plan
  7. What are the challenges to expect
  8. How to make it work
  9. Finally, how to contribute & collaborate to build a passionate developer community around open source.

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