PWAs - The Future Of Web?

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Recently, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have become more popular to give users an easy web experience. Project Fugu, a group of web APIs that allow new web platform features, make the future of PWAs even brighter. In this talk, I will explain the advantages of PWAs and how they're changing how we think about web development. I also talk about the potential impact of Project Fugu on the web ecosystem and what it means for the future of web development.

I will talk about PWA & Project Fugu (

  1. PWAs and its benefits
  2. How PWA can replace basic mobile apps
  3. Project Fugu a.k.a capabilities
  4. It’s motive
  5. Its future
  6. Converting a normal website to a PWA (if time permits)

I also gave this talk during a FOSS Delhi meetup. The slides for the same are here:

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