Why Istio Ambient Mesh will revolutionize Microservices!

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Istio Ambient Mesh is a massive overhaul of Istio's data plane architecture. The goal is to simplify operations and make it more cost effective to run a service mesh like Istio in production.

In this talk I will share how the launch of the next iteration of Istio called the "Ambient Mesh," aims to revolutionize the service mesh landscape!

As a LFX Mentee I have worked closely with the Istio maintainers for the new Istio mesh sidecarless architecture and I will discuss Ambient from the packet eye view through live demos and and an architectural deep dive:

1] The challenges of a traditional service mesh sidecar approach?

2] How Istio Ambient Mesh Solves that problem?

3] Take the Istio Ambient Mesh for a Spin!

You’ll walk away with instructions on how to try this new architecture from Istio on your own!

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