QloApps: Streamline Your Hotel Business Like Never Before

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We are witnessing a time when free Open-source software (FOSS) is digitally democratizing all industries, and QloApps is making this possible for the hotel industry.

The primary objective of this talk is to make the world aware of the first-ever free open-source software for the hospitality industry: QloApps. In this talk, I will cover the following points:

  1. Introducing QloApps: A FOSS that holds the potential to revolutionize the hospitality industry.

  1. How is QloApps fulfilling all the necessary requirements of the hotel industry?

  1. Various ways in which hoteliers can leverage QloApps to build their online presence and grow their business

  1. The reason behind making QloApps open-source.

  1. Journey of the development of QloApps and lessons we learned throughout.

  1. Different ways in which we efficiently tackle the security concerns of QloApps

  1. How can QloApps empower and accelerate the growth of the hospitality industry in India?

  1. How QloApps is serving globally and building community?

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