FOSS for Semiconductors

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  1. The semiconductor industry is deemed to be an expensive and excruciating endeavor. Expensive electronic design automation (EDA) tools and process design kits are inaccessible to budding developers and small companies. But that's where free and open source software for designing big-scale hardware systems plays a crucial part in both academia and the industry.
  2. There are even open source instruction-set architecture like RISC-V that has been booming.
  3. In the talk, I will briefly showcase a few popular FOS EDA software and instruction-set architecture(RISC-V).
  4. I will also be talking about how the FOSS ethos has been fostered in communities, academic labs and industry in terms of making the tools better.
  5. I can do a demo of a tool run, but it will probably exceed the time limit so I will refrain from that.

VR Varun Rajamane
4 months ago

Though I've never had experience with semiconductor design, would definetely think it would benefit the world if semiconductor design was democratized enough for students to learn it without prohibitive access to expensive software. Would like to hear if someone has used the FOSS toolchain to make a production semiconductor device or IC. Even if it may be something as simple as a AND gate.

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