Data-Driven Impact: Harnessing Open Source Solutions for Non-Profit Empowerment

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DALGO - An initiative by Project Tech4Dev

Open source technology is radically transforming the non-profit landscape, offering cost-effective, customizable solutions tailored to their unique challenges. Our partnerships with organizations such as STIR EDUCATION and SNEHA underscore this impact. With STIR, we crafted a robust data management pipeline, while our collaboration with SNEHA led to innovative data integration and visualization techniques. Moreover, our alliance with Goalkeep and Dost Education highlighted the capabilities of the DALGO platform, garnering interest from multiple NGOs. Beyond mere technology, our journey is enriched by personal interactions and shared experiences, emblematic of the profound influence of open-source tools in enhancing non-profit endeavors and fostering community impact.

In this talk, we will talk about the following things:-

  1. Pilots, Data challenges, and Learning from different NGOs
  2. Where we are with Dalgo and the journey to the release of 1.0?
  3. c4gt contribution
  4. Partnership with Goalkeep

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