Wish - A customizable, extensible, themable bash prompt

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Wish is a bash prompt born out of annoyance due to lack of customization, bad theming support, hard to extend features or slow prompts. Majority of wish is written in pure bash granting it speed by never having to fork a process. However, that never limits the extensibility. Plugins can drop into any language of choice by the developer.

To customize wish, we use gINIe file to grant our wish :) It is a small extension of the INI format which is very easy to use.

This talk will talk about

  1. The motivations to create wish
  2. How to use and configure wish
  3. How to write themes for wish
  4. How to create plugins for wish
  5. Internals of wish (if time allows it)

Documentation is out-dated at the moment. I will update it before the conference

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