Vador & the Army of Validators

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  1. Vador is a modern Validation framework for JVM, Open-sourced from an API-first organization Salesforce, designed to ease and ace REST API validation.
  2. It’s designed to cater to the validation needs of complex data structures formed. It provides a config-driven approach to hook validators, along with built-in plug-n-play validators and out-of-the-box validation execution strategy algorithms.
  3. Along with what the framework offers, this talk starts with an anecdote of how a framework can be built around a strong idea and how following correct design patterns can help hold the structure and lets you seamlessly add features.


This applies to software developers at all levels, especially library explorers, who not only consume but build tools from scratch.

Take aways

  1. Evolution of a small idea into a full-blown framework.
  2. Design patterns followed in the framework, and how that design held-up even after welding multiple features, that organically grew with the demanding needs of Domain-centric teams.
  3. This framework's unique approach was taken to reduce cognitive complexity in your validation layer and improve its testability and maintainability.


Java, Design patterns, validation, framework, open-source


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