FOSS Tools for Participatory Mapping and Humanitarian Response

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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team(HOT) is an international organization committed to humanitarian action and community development through open mapping, especially on OpenStreetMap(OSM), a free and open web map of the world that anyone can edit.

HOT trains, coordinates, and organizes mapping on OSM for humanitarian, disaster response, and economic development. HOT has mobilized volunteers from around the world to help map since the 2010 Haiti earthquake. HOT's global network has played an important role in events like Typhoon Haiyan and Ebola crisis in Africa. The mapping data that gets created is vital for responses to crisis. It is used by first responders such as the United Nations, local groups, and others for planning, logistics, identifying needs, and a lot more.

This session will introduce and cover the usage of FOSS tools developed by HOT for humanitarian response and supporting Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) like Disaster Risk Reduction, Environment, Refugee Response and more. Overall, this session will equip the audience to tap on open spatial data ecosystem for better decision-making.

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