Research Narratives: An inclusive data-analysis community hub

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We present Research Narratives, a webapp, that came out of a vision to have an environment that encourages responsible use of data for research and communication. The tool allows researchers, journalists, and students to create datastories collaboratively. 

Research Narratives:



  1. Project description (5 mins) 
  2. We live amidst a data deluge: Many of us use or aspire to use data for various purposes — to understand, to describe or to predict. What information a dataset contains is entirely dependent on what was measured, how and for what purpose. A thorough understanding of this context is necessary for doing meaningful data analysis or interpretation. 
  3. Research Narratives aims to enable communities of researchers and authors to create and explore linked resource repositories that are richly annotated with all the relevant contextual information.
  4. This helps develop the sensibility and prudence in the community to decide what the data can possibly say and what it cannot. 
  5. It allows the reader to transparently trace back and understand how the data has been collected and analysed through rich documentation.
  6. Examples (5 mins)
  7. We will present the complexities that underlie a dataset using one case study and demonstrate how some of the features of Research Narrative will help the author understand and share transparently with the readers
  8. Demo (10 mins)
  9. The current proof of concept is an entirely FOSS, static app built with Javascript via Svelte, Supabase and Maplibre.
  10. We will demonstrate the current functionality of the proof of concept that is in development
  11. We will introduce the codebase and provide entry points for contribution while presenting our Roadmap

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