How I use FOSS to run my aquariums!!

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Aquarium keeping can be a rewarding hobby, but it can also be a complicated and expensive one. In this talk, I will talk briefly about this hobby and discuss how I have leveraged popular FOSS projects to make my life as an aquarium enthusiast so much easier.

I will discuss how I have used a variety of open-source projects, both popular and less well-known, along with developing my own hardware and software projects to assist me, including :

  1. HomeAssistant, which helps me manage all my devices
  2. ESPHome, which collects information for me on various parameters
  3. Grafana, which allows me to visualize the data I have collected and appeals to the data nerd in me
  4. Raspberry Pi, ESP32s, and various other hardware components

And many more.

My goal for this talk is to shed light on how popular FOSS projects can be utilised effectively in a wide range of situations, including unusual ones like mine, and hopefully inspire listeners to pursue their own innovative projects.

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