All the times mentioned in the schedule are in Indian Standard Time (IST) timezone and 24-hour clock.

10:20 AM - 10:30 AM
Opening Note
FOSS for the free society
Profile photo of Vishal Arya
Vishal Arya
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10:35 AM - 10:55 AM
Understanding Mentorships in Open Source
Profile photo of Anubhav Singh
Anubhav Singh
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11:00 AM - 11:25 AM
Documentation in Opensource: Why you need it and how to get started
Profile photo of Pavan Gudiwada
Pavan Gudiwada
Developer Advocate at
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11:30 AM - 11:50 AM
Kubernetes Observability with eBPF
Profile photo of Rohit Ghumare
Rohit Ghumare
Developer Advocate
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12:00 PM - 12:20 PM
Building next-gen emails using React and TypeScript at scale
Profile photo of Niloy Sikdar
Niloy Sikdar
Software Engineer Intern @Semester
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12:30 PM - 12:50 PM
Generating Test-Cases and Mocks From Production
Profile photo of Animesh Pathak
Animesh Pathak
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02:00 PM - 02:20 PM
Introduction of Mon School
Profile photo of Manish Kumar Barnwal
Manish Kumar Barnwal
Organizer of KolkataFOSS, GitHub Campus Expert
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02:30 PM - 02:50 PM
Building a distributed, event-driven architecture using Redis
Profile photo of Akshita Dixit
Akshita Dixit
SDE Intern @Tata 1mg, Technical Program Associate @MLH
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03:00 PM - 03:20 PM
Diving Deep into Git's internals
Profile photo of Abhradeep Chakraborty
Abhradeep Chakraborty
Google Summer of Code @Git
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03:30 PM - 03:50 PM
Integrating wavpack audio support into Audacity
Profile photo of Subhradeep Chakraborty
Subhradeep Chakraborty
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